About the cards

These digital flashcards are not for people who just want to use their tablet or smartphone to keep their children occupied, but for those who genuinely care about learning and language development.
Created for use on Apple devices, flashcards from Alex’s Cards are a handy way to learn and remember key concepts and facts as well as new words. Encouraging vocabulary development through audio-visual association, they’re a valuable tool for intuitive language learning.
Designer and typography expert, Andrew Alex, designed Alex’s Cards to maximise understanding and memorability. He chose a ‘school’ font designed specifically for helping children learn to read and write and combined this with high quality photographic images, carefully selected and enhanced to help learners apply their new vocabulary to real life.

What’s the difference?

How do Alex’s Cards differ from other educational flashcards?
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Designed professionally and with soul. Designer and typographer Andrew worked on Alex’s Cards for more than three years before he was happy to launch them. He had no deadline in mind — just a commitment to quality and effectiveness.
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Developed to maximise learning. Alex’s Cards are designed with the findings of the latest education research in mind, incorporating iconic photographic images, a font specially designed for language learning and relevant sounds.
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Free from distractions. The layout of each card is simple and spacious, with cleanly cut out images on a light background. Alex’s Cards use interactivity only where it will add to the learning experience and there are no commercial banners or other distractions.
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Accessible. Andrew designed Alex’s Cards to make them accessible to those with visual difficulties by making the text size as large as possible and using bold colours against a light background. This helps to make them dyslexia friendly too. Many of the cards are also set up to work with Apple’s award-winning VoiceOver technology*.
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Numerous. Because Alex’s Cards were designed specifically for on-screen use, our sets include significantly more cards than a typical printed or converted-to-digital flashcard set. Many of the sets include more advanced words and concepts as well as simpler ones, making them ideal for siblings of different ages as well as mixed-ability nursery and pre-school groups.
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Designed for Apple devices. Alex’s Cards benefit from special features of Apple technologies:
  • Guided Access – You can set your device to make it impossible for a child to accidentally change your settings, make calls or access information they shouldn’t while they’re using Alex’s Cards.
  • Updatability – You can update each of the sets of flashcards you buy to the latest edition, anytime, at no extra charge.
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Open to your input. Andrew is committed to making Alex’s Cards as good as they can be. If you have any comments, he’d love to hear them.
* Accessibility descriptions available in ‘Colours, Shapes and Patterns’ and ‘Opposites’ sets for the moment. Work in progress on other sets.