Frequently asked questions

Tap on top right corner
  • The cutest baby animals book has been developed for babies and toddlers who cannot read yet. The cards do have names but—just to keep small kids concentrated—they are hidden by default.
  • To see baby animal names tap on top right corner of any card from ‘Baby Animals’ set. There are female, baby and male animal names.
  • For flashcards with plain captures please see Animals sets.
  • It’s not an error, it’s a feature. Most of kids learn basic colour and shape names before or along with learning to read. To not distract them from main concept, captions have been dimmed there for basics. And now it’s a one more stimulus for parents, teachers and carers to read aloud together with kids, they love it :-)
You can’t print iBooks, sorry.
Apple TV AirPlay icon
  • You can display the book you are reading on the Apple TV using Airplay Mirroring on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Mac.

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