Colours, Shapes and Patterns

Babies and toddlers are fascinated by colours, shapes and patterns, and learning about them is an important key to understanding the world.
This set of Alex’s Cards includes 57 bright, colourful flashcards, designed for visual stimulation and to hold the attention of young children.
  • There’s a full spectrum of primary colours as well as orange, purple, pink, brown, silver and gold, with a rainbow thrown in for good measure.
  • The colours and simple patterns – spotty, checked and striped – are represented by photographs of bright, appealing examples.
  • As well as a collection of basic 2D shapes like square, circle and rectangle, the set features translucent representations of 3D shapes like pyramid, cone and sphere.
  • For more advanced learners there’s a selection of more complex shapes, like parallelogram and trapezium, which are taught at primary schools, and different types of angles and triangles.
  • To avoid distraction for little ones not yet ready to start reading, the names of the simpler concepts are included in pale grey.
Geometry has never looked so appealing!
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