Professions and Occupations

Is your child starting to get curious about what older family members do for a living? Or perhaps to talk about what they would like to do themselves when they grow up?
This set of flashcards is designed with slightly older children in mind, who are getting interested in the world of work and occupations like studying, crafts and sport.
  • 92 cards feature some of the most popular professions today, including modern ones like programmer and consultant as well as old favourites, like doctor and farmer.
  • Each card is illustrated with vibrant images of one or more people dressed in relevant clothes, along with some of the tools in their area.
  • The models represent a good balance of ages, genders and ethnic backgrounds.
  • The roles are divided into handy categories: local services; crafts; health and care; agriculture; business; law and politics; education and science; transport and energy; construction and industry; restaurants and hotels; culture, art, sports and leisure; army and security forces; media and advertising.
Be prepared to answer lots of questions, as your child’s curiosity about the adult world develops with these thought-provoking cards.
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