The English Alphabet

This set of flashcards is designed to help children learn the letters of the English alphabet and start to understand them in context.
  • The set contains 78 cards with sounds narrated by professional voiceover artists.
  • You can choose to start with the Montessori method order of letters – c m a t, s r i p, b f o g, h j u l, d w e n, k q v x y z – or standard alphabetical order.
  • The individual letters are illustrated with photographs of a balanced selection of favourite animals and foods as well as other familiar items, to help children learn the alphabet quickly through association.
  • After learning the individual letters, your child will be able to see them in both lower case and capital form, and which are consonants or vowels, in the context of the full alphabet.
  • Like all Alex’s Cards, this set uses the latest version of a ‘school’ font specially designed for learning to read and write. This one also includes some alternate letter shapes.
However you want your child to begin learning to read, this set of digital flashcards will give you the essential building blocks.
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